Digital Remote Switch

  • 12 function digital switch with remote capability

  • User defined switch labels and  display positions

  • 15 Amp circuits with terminal post connections

  • Gauge monitor option on all switched circuits

  • Ethernet and USB options

  • Large 5.7" sunlight viewable color touch screen

  • Expandable to up to 24 circuits

  • NMEA 0183 input/output allows cascading

  • Bluetooth wireless data transmission option

  • Remote control and viewing on Windows PC or PDA

vSwitch-12C is a revolutionary digital switch that replaces mechanical devices in automotive and marine electronics applications. Using a combination of  a bright color touch screen and remote microprocessor controlled relays,  you can create up to 12 custom switch positions activated up to 150 feet away. Add the optional Ethernet interface adapter (wired or WI-FI) and you can control the unit from virtually anywhere.

You set your own switch names and functions. Custom design it to match your car, RV or boat electronics system. The NMEA 0183 compatible wireless option allows you to control circuits up to 50 feet away using Bluetooth enabled PDA’s and laptops. Place the remote unit in your engine compartment and control up to twelve 15 amp circuits from anywhere on your vessel.

vSwitch-12C is compact in size, big on function. Use vSwitch-12C on your dash to provide control of important electrical systems such as GPS, Sonar, radios, navigation lights, bilges, wipers, blowers, and much more. All circuits are controlled from a single position. The sealed face is water and corrosion resistant making vSwitch-12C ideal for wet-deck applications. The color remote display head can be easily installed with a single self-powered USB or Serial cable while the separate Relay Interface unit is located near the central bus.

An easy to see large format 5.7" color LCD display shows all switch names and the current status even in bright sunlight. Color coded buttons shows all possible positions and allows you to activate only those you need. A built-in clock and ALL-OFF add to the possible menu positions. You can even program vSwitch-12C to display your boat name for security. A sealed 4" version is also available for water tight applications.

vSwitch-12C is available as an add-on option to the popular vGauge-Remote sensor,  allowing you to combine the functions of digital instrumentation and switching all in one unit. A single color display can be used to view vehicle or boat instruments as well as activate your most common switch circuits. You can even view the actual voltages on each individual circuits to determine if critical items are indeed functioning correctly.

vSwitch-12C is reprogrammable in the field to exactly fit your application. Switch names and positions can be edited with on-screen menus. Load our vDash  display utility on you laptop or PDA and you will be able to remotely view and control all switch positions.

vSwitch-12C can be controlled using NMEA 0183 integrated instrumentation sentences ($IIXDR). Switch states and names are sent out via NMEA 0183 formats so other on-board equipment can control and display status. Optional software can control the unit directly from a laptop or PDA using the NMEA 0182 data standard.

vSwitch-12C comes with a remote relay box that can mounted anywhere and commanded from attached serial cable or optional wireless Bluetooth. This allows all heavy gauge wiring to be located close to power distribution panels and eliminates clutter at the helm. The remote capability even allows duplicate display heads to be located in secondary locations such as flying bridge and cabins..

vSwitch-12C is housed in a solid one-piece aluminum water-tight box measuring only 7.5" X 6.5" X 1.25” to fit easily into any dash configuration. Its small size allows you replace larger mechanical switches while maintaining lighted position display of on-positions. Unlike mechanical switches, vSwitch-12C is sealed to the environment and can even be mounted on the open deck. The optional Wi-Fi wireless option allows the unit to mounted where the wires are and then be commanded from up to 300 feet  away. Wi-Fi is a industry standard wireless technology available in most, Laptops, PDA’s and cell phones. Imagine using our supplied software and your PocketPC PDA to view switch status and activate desired circuits from anywhere on your vessel.

vSwitch-12C is ideal for any marine application where space is at a minimum and exposed to the elements. Use vSwitch-12C on your open cockpit runabout or sailboat. vSwitch-12C is perfect for that river sled or jet boat where keeping water and the elements out of the boat is always a problem.

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