vDash  Specifications

Virtual Dashboard Utility for PC


Windows XP PC/Laptop

The PC/Laptop version of vDash™ is a complete installation script. Just uncompress the folder and start the “SETUP.EXE” program to install in the default program directory.


Follow the installation prompts. When you reach the SETUP TYPE screen, select the model of vGauge unit you wish to install for. This option will copy the necessary configuration files for the selected unit. If you do not have a vGauge unit, you can still select any of the options to install demonstration files. If you choose “CUSTOM”, configuration files for all models will be installed. However, only the last configuration we become active. You will have to manually select a new project file to change the active configuration.


When installation of a project is completed, a new folder will be created in the target location with files required for configuration of the selected vGauge unit.

Additional default project folders can be installed by re-running the installation procedure and selecting different targets. The last project installed will become the current project when vDash is run. Different project folders can be selected from within the vDash application.


The contents of this folder will contain files which can be loaded into a target vGauge unit by using the vDash programming options.

These files contain user setup configurations and sensor calibration tables. All files are in simple text format and can be easily modified with any text editor application.

Custom vGauge project folders can be added by simply copying them to the default directory or to any other desired location and then selecting them from within the vDash application.



vDash can playback log files without being attached to a vGauge unit.

Once you install your FREE DOWNLOAD.

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