SeaGauge  Specifications

Remote Gauge Option

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SeaGauge is available as a remote mount option that allows the sensor interface unit to be placed any where and transmit data to another SeaGauge unit or PC/Laptop or PDA.

Mount the Remote Unit in the engine compartment and display up to 9 sensor readings up 40 feet away using the optional Bluetooth wireless adaptor or over 500 feet using the wired serial interface. No need to alter your dashboard or add additional gauges

The Remote unit can interface directly with another SeaGauge to add additional senders - up to 9 more for a total of 18 inputs. The Remote unit transmits sensor information using standard NMEA 0183 sentences.

The Remote unit can operate stand-alone with our SeaView application to provide a complete virtual gauge cluster and data logger for you PC/Laptop/PDA. It can also interface with other NMEA 0183 compatible equipment.


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